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Find your passion. Live it everyday. Love your life.

I discovered several years ago that you can actually create any life you want. There is no dream job that you can’t have or that isn’t possible. I’ve seen people create their dream job and life from nothing. Leaving corporate, conventional America in the dust.

Step 1: believe you can.

Step 2: take action. daily.

Don’t expect your life to change without making changes.

Step 3: get support.

It’s not just about the work you do, though. This concept applies to every area of your life: relationships, health + fitness, wealth, family, happiness…. You have to work at it, and 110% of the time, a support system helps. A. LOT.

I changed the direction my life was headed about 4 years ago (after a lot of professional training in goal-setting, positive thinking, and lifestyle and nutritional counseling). Not that there was anything wrong with my life- I just wanted something different, expected more, and wasn’t happy or passionate every single day. To me, that was a big red flag. It’s a never-ending journey – an ongoing process. But, I love it and I love helping others figure it out, too.

I work with individuals and groups in health + lifestyle coaching and wellness business training.

::health + lifestyle coaching – for people looking to lose weight, take their health to the next level, make a lifestyle change, or even start fresh. Check out my online nutrition program, WellBody Lifestyle – a 5 week crash course in nutrition and personal development perfect for people who love to learn online.

::wellness business training – for people who own a business in the wellness industry, looking for a way to increase profits, master social media marketing, and add more value to their services.

::wellbody partners – nutrition and business training for people looking to launch an exciting career in the wellness industry.

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