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My husband and I started the New Year off with a Date-Meeting. We went out to dinner, went over our budget, and set individual and family goals for the year, and began planning our weeks (free planning tool below). Sounds romantic, huh? 🙂 It was actually a lot of fun and felt like really good quality conversation (there’s not much of that with small kids, ha).

We work best together when we’ve communicated and have a plan. It puts us on the same page and that’s key in this life stage of working, parenting, and trying not to put ourselves completely last. I imagine most couples would also feel productive, prepared, and less-stressed using our newly adopted technique – so, I’m sharing it here with you!

Pick a day/night that works for you to do weekly planning together. Many experts recommend Sunday or Monday, but that wasn’t working for us. We chose Friday night. It makes perfect sense for us in our life-stage because the week is done, but we need full utilization of the weekends these days.

We do our weekly planning for Sat – Fri and here’s what we include in the schedule:

  • workouts
  • work time (if out of regular M-F 9-5 timeframe), i.e.: evening meetings or calls, or weekend work – Since I work from home and have the kids all day, evenings and weekends are common for me
  • garden/yard work – my husband runs the backyard “homestead”
  • dinners + meals – we plan our meals for the week. If salmon needs to marinate the night before, we take note. that way, we aren’t surprised, stressed, or caught off guard when we begin to cook dinner
  • as we plan our meals, we make a grocery list and decide when to shop.
    we hit the grocery store as a family most of the time. some people think this is a waste of time, but as a health coach, i think it’s super important to include the whole family. Plus, the kids point out cookies, and we can interject a few teachable moments and health education – like “we can make cookies at home that are healthier, etc” 🙂
  • fun! if I’m meeting a girlfriend for dinner, we put that in there. if he plans to watch a game with some of the guys, that’s in there, too.
  • kids bath nights. yep. something so simple, but requires planning.
  • family time. we carve out family time in the schedule. if i have a meeting on the weekend and it was only supposed to take up 2 hours, i excuse myself for family time. when you start to plan things out, you realize where your priorities are — and the plan itself helps you stay true to what you really want to do with your time.

Give it a shot for a few weeks! You will most likely love the feeling of staying on top of everything life is tossing your way.

Click here to download your free planning template (in numbers)!

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